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”Chatting into Europe”

Euroklubi (or Euro Club) was founded on September 18, 1989, in Helsinki, Finland.

The club remains active, and its main purpose continues to be to inspire discussion regarding European integration through the lenses of political, economic and social development.

Euroklubi is a sister organization of the European Movement in Finland which in practice serves as an umbrella organization for like-minded organizations regarding issues of interest for EU-minded Finland-based EU-citizens.

Euroklubi arranges seminars, discussions and cultural programs. Euroklubi celebrated its 30th anniversary during the fall of 2019.

Parts of Euroklubi’s recorded history can be found in the 20th anniversary publication from 2009 “Rupatellen Eurooppaan: Euroklubin historia” (translation ”Chatting into Europe: The History of Euroklubi”), written by journalist Unto Hämäläinen.


The vast majority of Euroklubi members have a background in the fields of e.g., business, media, universities and government administration. The club has about 120 members.

The Board of 2023

Chair of the Board: Robert Eklund (

Members of the Board: Hilkka Kemppinen, Sonja Rosenblad, Niilo Toivonen, Ari Martonen, Mikko Tavastila

Euroklubi ry – Euro Club
c/o European Movement in Finland
Eteläranta 10, 00130 Helsinki, Finland